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GAP Outreach is stepping out in faith and obedience. We have ordered this 15 x 30 feet banner (thank you Gods10.com¬†and John Peters) to be mounted as a billboard just west of Antlers,Oklahoma; facing the northeast at the Indian Nation Turnpike Exit….
This will be visible by hundreds daily traveling Highway 3 and the turnpike. The poles have already been set. Our next step is to purchase the lumber and form a crew of manpower and equipment to erect the sign frame and platform. Please contact us or call 580-298-7279 if you feel lead to join in this great endeavor in serving our Lord Jesus! HE IS THE ANSWER!!
We are grateful for the opportunity to serve…
MATTHEW 28:16-20

Our members are equipped with an arsenal of bible tracts to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others.









(These are a very small example of the many signs and styles available from https://gods10.com/) GAP Outreach is presently designing/constructing its first billboard such as the examples provided below. The billboard will be size 32 foot x 15 foot. It will be located at the intersection of Highway 3 and the Indian Nation Turnpike, just southwest of the toll gate in Antlers, Oklahoma. There are many other sizes of signs and banners the group has avialable for those that would like to display at the location of their choosing. If you would like to be a part of this powerful ministry to spread the Word of God, please contact us.

(These are a very small example of the many designs available from https://gods10.com/)